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Membrane Mirror

2016-8-29 17:29:25



Rear-projection TV Virtual cab Photocopy equipment



The membrane mirror is an advanced projection mirror with high reflection, high fidelity, long-life, which is specially designed and researched for reflection projection equipment like reflective projection curtain wall, RPTV etc. It’s with high reflectivity and uniformity in the whole range of visible light. Widely used in projection curtain wall, projector, Rear-projection TV, Photocopy equipment and other optical devices.


Basic parameters

Name: Membrane Mirror
Place of origin: Shahe city,hebei province
Size: ≤2440*3660mm
Thickness: 4-12mm
Technology: Coating
Processing type: Edge grinding, drilling 


Optical parameters

Film surface Y=91.20 L=96.49 a=-0.77 b=-1.42