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One-way Mirror

2016-8-29 17:27:50


One-way mirror is mainly applicable to concealment observation window or hole, etc and widely used in interrogation rooms of public security, inspection, prison, judicial agencies, interrogational identifying room, large meeting office, collegial psychological consulting room, big shopping mall, slap-up bar, mental hospital and other special sites.   


This glass can achieve incredible results. When one side of the mirror is brightly lit and the other is dark, it allows viewing from the darkened side but not vice versa.

When used, the reflector of the one-way mirror must be the side meeting the light or toward the outside. When the light outside is brighter than inside, one-way mirror is the same as normal mirror, which only shows the outdoor scene. People inside can see the outdoor scene, while those who are outside cannot see the indoor scene. However, when the light outside is dimmer than inside, people outside can see the indoor scene, and people inside can see the outdoor scene as well, but the clear degree depends on the intensity of the outdoor illumination.


Basic parameters

Name: One-way Mirror
Place of origin: Shahe city,hebei province
Size: ≤2440*3660mm
Thickness: 4-12mm
Technology: Coating
Processing type: Edge grinding, drilling, hot bending, tempering, laminated, insulated


Optical parameters

Glass surface Y=47.36 L=74.42 a=-1.25 b=3.36
Transmission Y=4.02 L=23.75 a=2.98 b=-5.72


Installation steps:

1. One-way mirror divided into positive and reverse sides. The positive side is glass mirror, used for reflecting light, and should be installed toward the by-controlled room, i.e. the room needs observing, like the room where the criminal suspect stays. While the reverse side should be installed toward the control room in which the judges stay.

2. The lit of the by-controlled room is guaranteed light enough. The lighter and more powerful the lit are, the more obvious the one-way perspective effect of the glass is.

3. In order to make the one-way perspective performance of the glass achieve the best state, the control room doesn’t allow installing dome light on the ceiling, not allow any other light source existing. If there are windows beside the control room, they must be covered by lightproof curtain, like the curtain used in the hotel. It is recommended to turn off all the lights on the control room when using one-way mirror.

4. If there must be light in the control room, it recommends to use point-like lights like leselampe whose lampshade is light-proof in order to shrink the scope of light. The proportion of the light in the control room and in the by-controlled room should be or less than 1:3, so that the one-way perspective performance would not be damaged. Notice: the light should not be installed behind the glass, lest the personnel images reflect on the surface of the glass.

5. To strengthen the integral reflectivity of the sapphire glass and improve the one-way perspective effect, it is recommended to install the spotlight above or below the sapphire glass.

6. The actual distance should keep over 1 meter or further between the by-controlled person and the one-way mirror.

7. The one-way mirror is a kind of special mirror. Please pay attention to protect it when installing, otherwise the ratent can’t be recovered once ruined.