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Mirror glass

2016-8-29 17:22:01

Mirror glass, also called mirror TV glass, semi-transmittance & semi-reflective glass, magic mirror, has an equal light reflectivity and direct ratio with normal glass, thus presenting a clearer virtual image. Therefore, it has been chosen as the medium of imaging in the system of spectra vision.



Advertising media Mirror glass can be used in various display devices like LED, LCD, computer screen etc.


It mainly applies to electronic products that demand optic reflection like rear-projection TV, large screen television walls, advertisement player, scanner, photocopier, fax machine, laser printer. Now it also applies to spectra vision system. LED fixes behind the mirror by special magnet assembly. When you turn on TV, it can present TV programs, satellite channels, computer data and disc contents in a very particular way. When you turn off TV, LED will be disappeared and invisible completely, and you can go on using it as a normal mirror.



Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Mirror glass can be used as decorations in high-end bathrooms, since the glass has a good waterproofness after completing installation. It can integrate successfully into the circumstance no matter it is installed on the wall or placed uprightly. If the guest comes again, it must be your bathroom that satisfied him.


Hotel leisure recreation center

It’s boring up and down in the elevator car, so why not adapt the atmosphere with the help of the mirror glass. Assume that guests in the elevator can see by the mirror glass the display of the introduction to the hotel restaurant, of the entertainments held in multi-functional hall, of luxury facilities in sauna and gym, of a wide variety of commodities in shopping mall, the guests will have comprehensive and profound impressions on the hotel service. This publicity can achieve the purpose of stimulating consumption.


Meeting room & Exhibition room

Multiple mirror glass information publisher in the meeting room synchronously broadcast the meeting information with its magic mirror imaging technology, UHD image quality, surrounding stereo, to ensure the participants of all corners can better participate in the meeting.


Hotel lobby

Extravagant and elegant hotel lobby symbolizes the image. Glittering already is no longer the only way to impress the customer. The sunglass technology of the mirror glass presents the honorable guests a fantastic magic world which brings an unusual feeling.


Man-machine interaction

On the basis of mirror effect of the mirror glass, developed the newest touch-screen mirror glass, which can be perfectly matched with the touch screen device.


Product features

Under the circumstance of no backlight, it can be used as normal mirror; whereas, it can figure the high legible behind panorama. Both of the two functions can be provided by this product, high light transmittance and strong reflection.


Basic parameters

Name: Mirror glass
Place of origin: Shahe city,hebei province
Size: ≤2440*3660mm
Thickness: 4-12mm
Technology: Coating
Processing type: Edge grinding, drilling 


Optical parameters

Film Surface  Y=86.14  L=94.37  a=-10.37  b=2.26
Transmission  Y=19.16  L=50.87  a=3.40  b=9.39