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High reflective & transmittance glass

2016-8-29 17:18:32



High-grade showcase, show window, furniture etc.




High transmittance Imaging fidelity Omnidirectional reflection The beauty and texture of goods are perfectly displayed



Can be hot bending, tempered, and laminated;High workability.


Basic parameters

Name: High reflective & transmittance glass

Place of origin: Shahe city,hebei province

Size: ≤2440*3660mm

Thickness: 4-12mm

Technology: Coating

Processing type: Edge grinding, drilling, hot bending, tempering, laminated, insulated


Optical parameters


Film surface Y=28.88 L=60.68 a=-3.63 b=-8.77
Transmission Y=65.32 L=84.65 a=-0.54 b=5.92