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Insulated Glass

2016-8-29 17:16:13

Insulated glass is a kind of good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful, and can reduce the building weight of the new building materials. It is composed of two or three pieces of glass,adhered by high strength sealant.The air sealed inside the case of insulated glass with aluminum frame, and desiccant (molecular sieve) is filled into the case to ensure the dryness of the air in the case. Different glass sheets can be chosen according to the requirement, such as colorless transparent float glass, Low-e glass, heat reflective glass. If inert gas is filled into insulated glass, the sound insulation and heat insulation performance of the production can be further improved.


Product specifications

Maximum size: 2440mm*3660mm

Minimum size: 300mm*300mm

Spacer size: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm

Glass thickness: 3-19mm various combination


Product features

Optical performance: Visible LT 30%-80% and 10%-30% depends on different panes of insulated glass.

Thermal performance: Insulating glass can reduce U value, especially when filled with inert gas.

Sound insulation performance: Insulated glass can lower the noise, especially when filled with inert gas.

Quality standard

In line with national standard of GB/T11944-2012 INSULATED GLASS.