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Temperable Mirror

2016-8-29 17:13:11

Temperable mirror is a kind of green mirror, adopting multi-layer nanometer coating technology, which can be tempered and without painting. It is produced by our company through investing 20 million RMB, assembling a professional team who specializes in material science, optics, coater and production engineering, domestically and internationally with more than two years’ countless experiments. This kind of glass is featured by high temperature resistance, tempering, weather fastness and so on and it is of environmental protection of materials, of production and of using. It applies to the fields of civil aviation, high-speed rail, high-end hotel, public house, villa, office, furniture and household, etc.


Basic parameters

Name: Temperable Mirror
Place of origin: Shahe city,hebei province
Size: ≤2440*3660mm
Thickness: 4-12mm
Technology: Coating
Processing type: Edge grinding, drilling, hot bending, tempering, laminated, insulated


Optical parameters

Glass surface Y=87.68 L=95.20    
After tempering Y=81 L=92.2