About Us


 Xingtai Bole Glass Trade Co. Ltd. is located at Xingtai City, Hebeiprovince in North China Plain. With the history of 3500 years, this ancient Capital of YinShang Dynasty, to the west of the area is Taihang Mountains which contain plenty of glass raw material, in the eastern plain, in different direction, passing through high speed rail from Beijing to Guangzhou, highway from Beijing- to Zhuhai, from Xingtai to Tangshan, from Xingtai to Linfen, G107 linking North and South. Within the area, there are dozens of product line 0f high quality automation glass ceramics, float glass, patterned glass, glass brick, glaverbel glass etc. More than 400 glass deep processing factories are located in this area, considered as the biggest distributing centre of glass inChina.

Jingniu Glass Ceramics Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 1956. The group is a high-tech large size state owned enterprise approved by the State council ofChina, which is the national creditable enterprise and the State TorchPlan executive unit,. it passed through the ISO 9001 quality management certification and ISO14000 environmental management certification. It is a large-size transnational group company mainly produces and sells high-tech products such as Jingniu jade (micro-crystallizing stone), Low thermal expansion glass ceramics, industrial rolling microcrystal slab, crystal nucleated new material, coated float glass in line, float glass, etc. ”JINGNIU” trade mark get the honor of famous trade mark in  China. The products have been sold to over 100 countries and regions.

Bole Glass is a comprehensive company which got independent import and export right. With nearly 20 years’ experience of glass trading in domestic and overseas market, surported by its professional team and a wide range of manufacturer allies, the company shall provide satisfactory products to you with a reasonable price and quality service, meanwhile lowering your cost and sharing your obsession, making you get the business opportunities and improving your market shares. The company shall become your satisfying Glass navigator, well-content glass manager and your reliable server. 

A good corporate reputation together with quality shall be with Bole Glass forever! Product shall be with the personality together! Taking “Honesty, innovation and progress” as the management ideas of Xingtai Bole Glass Trade Co. Ltd. “Quality improves the business and customer first” is our management basis; “Better service and satisfying the clients” is our management principle; “Product & technology innovation” is our development tactic in strengthening company’s competitive power. “With firm strides we are crossing its summit.” We are pursuing excellence all the time, creating excellence and following “newer, more superior and better”.

Holding the tenet---“the quality as our standing base and the reputation as our development fountainhead, better service as our eternal theme”, our company grows up together with the society, pushes forward the national economy, promotes the national scientific and technological progress, creates benefit for the society, and grows up together with our partners and shares the resource with them, and complements each other’s advantages, achieving alliance between giants, and building glory together.

Major products: various building glass, curtain wall glass, decorative glass, furniture and electric applicant glass, like mirror glass, one-way mirror, high reflective & high transmittance glass, holography spectroscope, membrane glass, temperable unpainted green mirror, laminated glass, tempered glass, silk screen glass, insulated glass, coated glass, microlit, low expansion glass-ceramics, rolling microcrystal lining board, ultra-thin glass, ultra-white glass, hollow glass block, LOW-E glass, fireproof glass, etc.

Our company’s tenet: Keep the quality as our standing base and the reputation as our development fountainhead, better service as our eternal theme!

Company’s spirit: assion, dreaming, high efficient implementation, self-promotion.

Four G ideas: Good taste, good variety, good quality, good brand.

Market: Where there is a mind, there is the market; where there is a faith there is growth.